Welcome to my website about (dart) frog breeding and keeping. I have had Dendrobates tinctorius azureus and Dendrobates leucomelas in the past but have now specialized in Ranitomeya for 3 years. I assume that were dart fog breeding is concerned lots of information is universal. Of course there are also frogs that may require special treatment. This site is in English (not my first language) to serve more people.

Ranotomeya variablis southern

The idea for a website began after writing an article about Spindly Leg Syndrome SLS. During my research I also found lots of viable information about (dart)frog breeding. Some very recent research were an eye opener for me. This information has helped me a lot to optimize breeding. Keys are healthy parents, good food and optimal tadpole water quality.

From the above menu visitors can choose different topics, comment and ask questions. We also have a contact form if you want to address me personally.

The idea is to add more topics on a regular basis. Visitors can also request information.


Ranitomeya vanzolinii

Please realize that all information is based on my (limited) knowledge and experience as a hobbyist and biochemist. I am sure that some will question some of the content. Feel free to use or NOT use the information as you like. If you follow recommendations it always is at your own risk.